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January 09, 2009


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Hey Molly! I received this for my birthday ... I think I'm pretty easy to shop for :) Isn't it gorgeous? I haven't spent much time with it yet, but I did give it another little caress as I set up my kitchen bookshelf a couple days ago.

The Purloined Letter

Ooh, looks like a gorgeous book! I'd love to be considered. My next baking? Tonight's challah!

Jen Gough

Great looking book! I plan to make cinnamon rolls! Yumm!



What a gorgeous book! The next thing to be baked will most likely be the bread from your last post...planning on using some roasted tomatoes I froze from the garden this year to make home-made tomato soup on Sunday and that bread looks like it would fit right in! Also doing another pizza this weekend and working on my dough recipe! Thanks for the chance to win the book. I'm so enjoying being involved in this group!


Mmmm, this looks so good. I think today is going to be a baking day. :) (I see in the above comments some challah, and I haven't tried it yet, so I think it's time...)


Wow, what a lovely book! My husband's and my baking has been very basic as of yet, but we are enjoying it. Tonight we are throwing in a loaf when we get home to accompany dinner for a friend who's having a tough time (When you don't know what else to do? Food. Or knitting. But food is usually quicker.)


I'm going to perfect the Roasted Garlic and Cheddar bread I started working on today. So there will probably be one or two more versions of it. =)


The book looks fantastic! I'm thinking about making a pear cake this weekend - pears and walnuts, very yummy! :-)


What a beautiful book! Something to savour and treasure.
I'm planning on trying a few things from my 'Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook' now that the holiday rush is over. I think I'll go for Honey Whole-Wheat Bread and Cranberry-Pecan Rye Bread. My twins have been wanting cinnamon sticky buns so they're tops on the list too!
Thanks, Molly!


Oh how wonderful!!!! I've been sidetracked from bread making lately, but I'm ready to get that oven fired up! I've been wanting to try making English muffins, so that's next on the list. What a wonderful give away! Thank you!


i hope stefani lets us know how the english muffins go - i've researched recipes but haven't taken the plunge into the knooks and crannies yet. we just got back on track with baking bread recently. i make two loaves of traditional white bread and we devour one loaf as soon as it comes out of the oven. i think the next thing i bake will be carrot cake. i have a hankering.


Now this looks like my kind of book! And One Good Loaf is certainly the best group on flickr. So inspiring!

mindi bartell

i'm going to make a practice Chocolate cake before my son's actual birthday in 2 weeks.

"practice", basically means I really like chocolate cake and want two. :)


Thanks for the heads up Molly. i have to admit i've not baked a loaf in a long while so some beautifully photographed inspiration might be just what i need.


what a lovely book, i am planning on baking apple dorset bread...a long time favorite. oh and some scones too :) thank you for this giveaway :)


What a delicious book! The next thing I'm going to bake will be a fresh wholemeal loaf! We'll be digging in before the butter has time to melt!


oh wow, the book looks beautiful! I'm wanting to start baking bread with my little girl soon, this would help get us going!

Julie Alvarez

I have always thought that the group was only for bread baking... So, I was waiting until I got the bread making mojo back to post pictures. But now I see this is much more than just bread! (which is not a little either).
So, I will bake bread and pizza tomorrow. I will let you know how it went.
Thanks for the giveaway.

Jen Z

Ooh, this book looks lovely. I'd love to be considered for the giveaway. Next up in my oven - some wonderful, basic no knead bread in my sexy, new dutch oven; corn muffins with the fancy cornmeal I got for Christmas; and maybe even Smitten Kitchen's fig and walnut biscotti, if I have time (http://smittenkitchen.com/2009/01/fig-and-walnut-biscotti/).

Thanks so much!


Wow!~what a beautiful book!!! This weekend I plan on making some soup so I'll be getting my 8 year old son's input and then we'll bake up some sort of bread (his favorite is honey whole wheat bread..but I'm kind of in the mood for something simpler!).


me want boooook!

Fuji Mama

Wahoo! 100+ how exciting! I've been meaning to try out the No-Knead bread recipe from the New York Times in 2006 and have decided that nows the time to finally do it! I'll be breaking in a new dutch oven that I was given for Christmas. Can't wait!


I had two different doughs to rise in the night. I will transform them into Danish "Rugbrød" (Ryebread) and little wheat bread later today ;-)



I am still not mastering bread making - which I just can't understand as I can turn out cakes and follow other recipes with no probs whatsoever! One of my resolutions this year is to finally get it right, so that I can turn out an edible loaf. 100+ members is great well done - but I must bake a loaf and submit a picture soon or I will feel like such a fraud being part of this group. Maybe I will try today and exorcise my demons!

Thanks Molly,
love emma x


I am going to have to have some baking success soon else I will found out as being a fradulent member of the group. I had no success baking last year but will exorcise my demons and try again! Thank you Molly, love Emma x


oh wow. the book looks wonderful. i want to try this recipe i found of cinnamon oatmeal bread sometime next week :)

thank you!



Sounds wonderful! I'll be making the flaxseed loaf from The Bread Bible this afternoon...my husband and I go through two a week :) Happy Baking!


That's so sweet from you!! Thank you.
We gonna make muffins today!! (with chocolate)


The book looks wonderful and I would love to have a new book about baking-especially with all those photos! :)

I'm making biscuits and I think I am going to try "Country Living's" January Agave-sweetened carrot muffins.

Sandrine alias Didine

Oh what a great present !! I've been neglecting my cooking for a time. What a shame ! My resolution for 2009 is to cook and bake some natural products and bio first ! My health need is terribly and my family deserve best food ever ! My next bake is some waffles called "waffles of Liège" or "gaufres de Liège" (in french) these waffles are typical from my province (Liège in Belgium). Big waffles with huge pieces of sugar ;-) so yummi yummi !! Happy New Year !!


Wow...this book looks wonderful! It's making me want to learn how to bake! I need this kind of inspiration! :D

Lorna Mackinnon

I'm planning to bake my first loaf tomorrow with my kids! We are all excited about it and hope it goes well!

Sara and Matt Elliott

Beautiful book! I think orange cranberry scones are next on the list! I haven't been good about posting pictures because the light in our kitchen is nonexistent, but this group inspired me to finally try the No Knead Bread. My husband was in love. Maybe I should whip up some more today.

Sarah Jackson

I'm making the no knead bread today and I'm attempting to make a starter for some more complex breads. My first one failed. :(


Ohhh! Beautifule book. Gives me inpriration to break in my new mixer.


Looks like a beautiful book! I am planning to bake soft pretzels this week!

Missy W

I am a little intimidated being in a group of such talented bakers! I have made very basic bread recipes/loaves, but I would love to make some of the beautiful works of art displayed by the group--just simply beautiful. My next loaf will be the No Knead, Dutch Oven Bread. I think I can handle that...hopefully!


Next week I hope to try to make either a loaf of rye bread or some rye bread rolls. I bought a bag of rye flour that is ready to be used! Thanks for the giveaway, Molly.

Chelsea  Slaven-Davis

what a beautiful book. its been so long since i've gotten my baking groove on, but I've had my sights set on some homemade crackers or just a good plain loaf of white sandwich bread (practical necessities for us these days)...


Hi! I just joined in your fun flickr pool...I can't wait to join the fun. Looks like a great book, and a good resource. Thanks!


I'm so glad to be a part of all of this! This book looks lovely!


What I'm planning to bake next?? Well, buns for tomorrow kids sandwiches, whisky chocolate cake & challah for tomorrow - Shabbat, 2 fruit tarts for my sister birthday (sat night) and a sourdough bread planned for sunday..
that'll be all..
.. unless...


Mmmm! I love reading cookbooks! At the moment, I'm working on a batch of our basic daily bread, but love making things from the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day book!

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