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January 07, 2009


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Glad to see you here! Looking forward to more baking adventures in 2009.


I love this bread, I think I'll put some up right now...


It looks delicious! I've not tried baking in cloche (real or improvised) and I've been wanting to give it a try. Now that I know you have had success with an improvised one I'll have to give it a try sooner rather than later.


I love this bread and make it a couple of times per week. Good bread is my weakness so I love that this one is a healthy choice as well as yummy. Who knew bread could be this good without ANY fat or added sugar?!!!

I have also made this recipe into english muffins successfully!

Beth S.

I've been wanting to join you in this project and this just might be what I make first. Yum!


I have been on a quest for this very loaf of bread, and in reading the article accompanying the recipe, had to chuckle at this line: On a Saturday morning bread run to Standard, I asked one of the bakers her secret to a crusty loaf. She replied “quality ingredients, time and a $10,000 professional baking oven.”
um. yeah. that's my problem, too. However, always the optimist, I will set out forthwith to attempt to recreate what I have heretofor only been able to purchase. Rather expensively. I'll be back atcha with the results. Thanks for the linky.


mmmm...I just joined the group because of this recipe! Ingenious. I have been searching for the secret--for years!! Now I can die happy...

Kendall Lloyd

I just made this yesterday!

Lisa Kisch

I tried this on my blog, too. So delicious. I also tried this one:

and I think I like it even better.

Plumber in Seattle

I made this recipe today, and I will be making it again. It is amazing bread and so easy to make. Thanks for sharing!

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